International Business, Public Policy, & Strategic Communications Professional

Harvard University Future of Diplomacy Project | Georgetown University International Business and Public Policy Executive Program | U.S. Department of State Professional Fellows Program | Executive Office of the Washington, DC Mayor | Institute for Economics and Peace Ambassador

Hi, I’m Antoine, a globally minded, principled leader in service to business and society, striving to make a sustainable impact at the global intersection of business, policy, and international relations. I have over 10 years of experience working with corporate, government, and NGO sectors.

Our office is in Washington, DC, providing access to business, government, policymakers, the diplomatic community, and NGOs.


International Projects

Economic Empowerment: Morocco

This project included traveling to Morocco for a number of activities connected to empowering communities through innovation and entrepreneurship, workforce development, and socially responsible businesses in the tourism, renewable energy, and arts/handicraft industries.

Civil Society Development: Egypt

This project included traveling to Egypt as a member of a Legacy International delegation to provide guiding principles, an action framework, and implementation tools to support leadership development, womens empowerment, youth employment, and entrepreneurship.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Deloitte

This project involved multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration between Deloitte, local government, and a community-based nonprofit that is addressing a United Nation’s clean water and sanitation sustainable development goal (SDG) to benefit local communities.

International Trainings

Summer of Public Diplomacy

Through tailored workshops, panel discussions, and social networking, the Summer of Public Diplomacy convenes a broad range of Americans who are increasingly leading U.S. public diplomacy efforts at home and abroad. Click on the link below to see the details on the Global Ties website.

U.S.-Mexico Relations: Virtual Seminar

The American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL), in partnership with the U.S.-Mexico Foundation, launched the U.S.-Mexico virtual exchange. I served as a guest speaker for this program, discussing local government, U.S. history, sister city relationships, and more. Participants included Mexican and U.S. government officials and foreign affairs professionals.

Marketing for Startups in Egypt

In order to know from where to begin and how create a marketing strategy that will help you communicate with your target audience and boost your business, Antoine L. Battle will be here in Egypt on the 14th of March to deliver workshops on Integrated Marketing Communications.

COVID-19 Good Governance and Best Practices in the Americas

I served as a co-moderator for a panel on Good Governance and Best Practices in the Americas. Panelists included Odie Donald II, the first ever city manager for South Fulton, Georgia and current city manager for Augusta, Georgia; Roberto Canuto, the former executive director for the World Bank and IMF, and Dr. Jerry Sabio, the mayor of La Ceiba, Honduras. See the video below.

COVID 19: Addressing its Impact in the Most Vulnerable Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean

I served as a co-moderator for a panel on addressing COVID-19’s impact in the most vulnerable communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. We were honored to be joined by Colombia’s current and first ever Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation Dr. Mabel Giseld Torres. See the video clip below.

Trusted by numerous international organizations

I have worked with multinational corporations; small and medium-sized enterprises; national, state, and local governments, NGOs, and universities.

“I met Antoine when he was Student Body President and an International Business student, immediately extending an offer for an internship because I was so impressed. He explored biotechnology incubators, brought together elected officials from across the State of Maryland, and engaged with constituents from both sides of the political aisle. He has a thorough understanding of the relationship between business and government, and he is well equipped with the tools to navigate the influence and impact of governmental policies, programs, and regulations on the private sector.”

— John K. Delaney, CEO of Revolution Accelerator Acquisition Corp, former U.S. Congressman, and former U.S. Presidential Candidate

“Thanks so much for serving as one of our breakout facilitators for our very first Leading the Way Unconference as part of the Summer of Public Diplomacy. I heard terrific reviews of your session from our attendees. I know they appreciated your guidance, insights, and wisdom as you tackled a core focus area for the future of our profession.”

Katherine Brown, Ph.D., President & CEO of Global Ties, the USA’s oldest citizen diplomacy network

“Antoine has shown more follow through than any delegate in any of the eight or nine delegations I have led to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. He made friends everywhere we went and was an excellent cultural ambassador. He has shown the personality and skills to build understanding and connection across culture” 

Mike D., PFP Program Manager, Middle East and North Africa (MENA)