Egypt: Civil Society Development

I was one of three United States delegates selected by Legacy International and the U.S. Department of State for the Professional Fellows Program’s American Delegation to Egypt in 2018.

Program Overview

This program provides the American delegates with the opportunity to exchange views with people from different backgrounds, visit with professional peers, and increase understanding of governmental programs of Egypt. Delegates meet with people working in the ministries, civil society organizations, U.S. embassy officials, and media.


American delegates will share best practices and collaborate on problem-solving in the following issue areas: youth unemployment/youth engagement, minority rights and education, political awareness and engagement, public health education, and institutional reform/government transparency.

Sharing Expertise

American delegates share their expertise in the areas of NGO capacity building, policy development, and management through workshops, trainings, and lectures. I provided workshops, trainings, and lectures for numerous and various organizations working in Egypt.

Current and future impact

This program promotes sustainable linkages and ongoing collaboration between American delegates and their counterparts in Egypt. Egyptian share the results of their individual follow-on projects and workshop some of those projects for future expansion/continuation.